What is Woman Abuse?

The consistent and ongoing use of various tactics and behaviours which have as their goal the gaining and maintaining of power and control by one person over another. Woman abuse can take many forms. The following are some examples:

Verbal Abuse

  • Insulting you
  • Swearing, Put-downs, degrading language
  • Calling you names, calling you stupid, crazy or irrational
  • Accusing you of cheating 
  • Attacking your self esteem in other ways

Physical Abuse

  • Includes punching, kicking, shoving, or dragging you
  • Slapping or biting you, pulling your hair, burning you
  • Using a weapon to hurt or threaten you

Psychological and Emotional Abuse

  • Threatening and controlling behavior:
  • Threatening to take the children away
  • Threatening to put you in an institution
  • Threatening to commit suicide
  • Threatening to kill you
  • Threatening to withdraw immigration sponsorship or to have you deported
  • Following you and harassing you
  • Controlling your time, what you do, how you dress, how you wear your hair
  • Putting limits on who you can talk to on the phone or Internet and for how long
  • Keeping you away from friends and relatives - isolating you
  • Denying sex, affection or personal care
  • Not respecting your privacy